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Body mind healing centre was founded in 2005 by Tejinder Sir a socialist technocrat from leading PSU.
Our mission is Helping people to heal and grow in lives .Our centre is offering 21st century drugless healing treatment
science for depression and anxiety . We also mainly focus on healing the underlying issues responsible for depression.

What We Treat

Yoga & Meditation

  • power yoga, surynamaskar
  • health fitness yoga
  • diabetes yoga
  • corporate yoga, ladies yoga
  • meditation- beginners
  • meditation- relaxing
  • meditation- anxiety
  • meditation- depression

Know Tejinder Sir

Tejinder Singh Kainth to whom many call Tejinder Sir ,
Life Coach Certified counseling Psychologist ( CCP)
Certificate child psychology ( CCPsy)
Senior faculty
Art of living foundation Bangluru
In-charge Uttarakhand art of living chapter Haridwar
Founder of Body mind healing centre, 13 years experience of healing mind level disordering and child counseling he is a unique personality of its own. His long association with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji and his kind blessings his yoga therapy and meditation sessions are complete with healing super conscious levels .His key book –Empower mind and feelings, released on 13th January 2018 in World book fair New Delhi is a practical note book on depression and healing with yoga therapy and meditation. His tips on total healing , road map to a balanced body mind happy living are creative and easy to adopt in living. Thousands have been healed and benefited from his true value sessions.

Our Book:


published by Blue rose publishers New Delhi, paper back Rs. 180, e-book. Rs 64

available at: Blue Rose & Amazon

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Our Services

Meditation & Depression

Meditation has been shown to increase gray matter in the brain — particularly in areas associated with muscle control, sensory perception, memory, emotions and speech. If learnt properly it reduces stress, anxiety, depression and relax the whole mind making it free from negative thoughts and fear. Mindful meditation focuses on breath, energy and consciousness. Through rhythmic breathing practices all Kosha’s are purified to subtle level and fully energized .

Depression & Yoga therapy

Selective yoga poses improves brain functions and helpful for anxiety , fear and depression. Yoga increases main inhibitory neurotransmitters and puts brakes on brain activity, enabling you to relax,. The increase in GABA, main inhibitory neurotransmitters produced with yoga helps ease the symptoms of depression. Yoga helps in diverting negative state of mind to positive feelings. Yoga reduces suicidal thoughts and emotions. Patients should avoid strenuous poses .One should learn yoga from a teacher and perform in his guidance..


Psychological counseling is more specially oriented to personality development & personal behavioral issues like break through tendencies, anger management, sadness, fear & complexity.At Body Mind Healing Center we have combined Holistic ways of living . We treat & cure this body as whole. In fact we not only cure but our treatment is preventive too & increases body’s IMMUNE SYSTEM

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